Foundation Design

Constructing a Stable Footprint for Every Structure

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Foundation design is perhaps the most important element in any structure, as it provides stability and connects the building with the surrounding ground. Any foundation and must be designed and constructed to take account for different load bearing pressures such as variable weight throughout the building, elemental pressures like weather and seismic pressure from passing traffic or possible ground subsidence.

Midwest Engineering brings considerable experience and the latest up-to-date technologies to the design and construction of this vital, early step in the construction process. Foundation types vary from concrete masonry, pre-cast or cast in place concrete, clay blocks, or wood foundation walls, so it is vital to determine which type of material suits each individual project. 

In addition to design and construction, we perform structural foundation evaluations in existing structures to help diagnose any potential problems and provide permanent fixes in the event of cracking, subsidence or potential failure.


  • New building foundation design and construction
  • Foundation engineering for agricultural facilities
  • Diagnosis and  repair of foundation subsidence or cracking
  • Structural restraints, wall tie-backs, helical piers, to advanced waterproofing 

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Midwest Engineering is licensed in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Wisconsin.

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Foundation Projects