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Extreme weather, materials failure or structural issues may be at fault, but from time to time key elements in buildings and structures can fail causing dangerous cracking or subsidence. Forensic engineering is a vital service offered by Midwest Engineering aimed at diagnosing the causes of structural failure and the development of permanent fixes and solutions.

We work closely with attorneys, builders, insurance companies and owners to investigate and provide a detailed report, which may be used in liability cases, to determine the source of a structural design flaw or failure.

Midwest Engineering has extensive experience in wind, hail, fire and materials & manufacturing failure investigations. Our team use the latest forensic engineering techniques to help when you need help the most.


  • Grain bins, agricultural buildings and manufacturing plant structural failures, and root cause investigations
  • Storm and hail damage investigations and Reports
  • Structural surveys for existing buildings
  • Building and foundation failures
  • Construction and materials issues

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Midwest Engineering is licensed in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Wisconsin.

To discuss your requirements, call us (605) 481-1649 or e-mail us HERE to arrange a consultation.

Forensic Engineering Projects