Midwest Engineering knows pre-engineered metal building foundations and is your go to expert. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB's) are commonly used in agriculture and commercial applications. There are many different fabricators of these buildings and they can customized for a variety of layouts and uses.  These buildings are typically built by a manufacturer that has a structural engineer on staff, in which it is designed to the specified requirements. These buildings will be attached to a foundation, which must be designed by a license structural engineer. 
The pre-engineered metal building manufactures will provide reaction loads for the foundations, which will be used to determine the size and locations. 


Foundation design for the PEMB is complex and requires experience to know how to correctly transfer load paths from the building into the soils. Vertical loads from the building, snow, live loads, and wind are required to determine the size of the footing, along with a good understanding of the soil or a geotechnical report. Lateral wind loads must be transferred into the soils or resisted by the floor slab, each having pros and cons. With high construction cost, it is important to understand present and future use to design a building cost effectively.  Next time you need a PEMB Foundation, be sure you ask your structural engineer what the most cost effective design method for your particular use.