Midwest Engineering can work with you to provide a hollow core plank system for your next project, whether it be a garage, deck, or a commercial building. Midwest Engineering can provide you with a structural engineered plan for the hollow core plank, connection details, designed wall systems, steel beams/columns, and foundations. Next time you complete a hollow core plank construction project, Midwest Engineering is your go to team. 

Hollow core floors allow for garages or other structures to be built with additional parking or an open space beneath the garage or structure. Hollow core plank is a precast segment with pre-stressed strands provided by a precast company. The hollow core plank is set on a designed concrete wall and foundation system with a crane at the construction site. A concrete deck is then poured over the hollow core plank providing a continuous monolithic floor. Depending on the loads and the plank thickness, the lengths of precast segments can be up to 40 foot.